Pliotron Air Filters - Green Alternative

The Green Alternative

While traditional disposable filters often need to be replaced once a month, Pliotron filters can last decades, meaning that the lifetime of a Pliotron filter in the home can be equivalent to that of 300 disposable filters.  Discarding disposable filters is becoming more and more difficult as regulations affecting disposal of air filters are becoming increasingly stringent and the expense of recycling these filters is prohibitive in many places.  

Eliminating wasteful disposable filters from your home and business can keep hundreds of filters made up of mostly paper products out of landfills.  Additionally, Pliotron filters do not require any sort of electrical charge to operate and offer minimal resistance to your air conditioner and furnace. Our filters won’t increase your energy bill or increase your carbon footprint. A process as simple as washing your Pliotron filter with a garden hose can save you the time and money involved in constantly replacing disposable filters.   For a clean home  that makes environmental and economic sense, choose Pliotron filters