Pliotron Air Filters - Commercial and Industrial


Pliotron Filters provide your home and business with:

  • ATTRACTIONOF ALL PARTICLES due to the presence of both positive and negative charges. The large surface screen traps large dirt particles and prevents them from entering the inner layers of the filter and your air.  The inner polyethylene element of the Pliotron Filter then attracts smaller microscopic dirt particles known as “fines” (the main cause of dirt generated electrical circuitry failure) by electrostatically charging them and trapping them in thousands of mechanical holding areas throughout the filter’s inner screen.
  •  HIGH EFFICIENCY in removing airborne particles.  The unique design of Pilotron filters sucks in and traps dirt with very little wind resistance, meaning it won’t stress or overwork your household heating and cooling system. 
  • SELF-CHARGING as a result of air flow through the media.  This means our filters require no extra supplies or expensive electrical equipment to keep your air fresh and clean.
  • PERMANENT CLEANING EFFECTS lasting the life of the filter. Pliotron Filters are easy to clean and built with a sturdy steel frame and reinforced with a galvanized steel hardware cloth to ensure that the filters are durable, providing you and your family or business with decades of purified air. 
  • SAFETY in addition to all the dirt removed from your air there will be no electrical hazard or performance loss due to power outages with Pliotron filters.

Plitron Pressure Graphs