Plitron Air Filters - Testimonials


We have been doing business with Pliotron Company of America, LLC for over 45 years. The dedication, workmanship and ability to work with our requirements are second to none. We highly recommend Pliotron.

If you have any questions regarding Pliotron Company of America, LLC, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-544-5202. Adour Adourian Production & QC Manager Supreme Supply Co., Inc

Adour Adourian
Production & QC Manager
Supreme Supply Co., Inc

The company turnover has increased constantly in the last 5 years. Pliotron is an important part of this success, our turnover is based on nine product groups and Pliotron is fourth in value.

We have to thank you for excellent support and punctual delivery. It is a pleasure to continue our good business relationship.

Bernt Pihlflyckt
Managing Director
BPI Chempump, Finland

We sell solely to commercial accounts and like Pliotron products. Our customers especially like the filters' effectiveness in keeping the air clean and they also like the fact that they can clean and re-use them.

Our company likes the flexibility to order custom sizes. We have found that in many cases the filter housing will get bent or jammed somewhat so that the standard sizes do not fit, being off by a half-inch or so. We simply ask Pliotron to get us a filter with the off-size and are very pleased with their service.

I use the filters in my own house, of course.

Long-time customer