Pliotron Air Filters - installation and maintenance

Installation and Maintenance


Pliotron filters follow the same basic installation process as disposable filters:

  1. Begin by finding your furnace’s filter air box, located between the return duct and your furnace which is usually at the bottom of the system.
  2. Check the size of your filter air box (most filters give their dimensions on their sides) and confirm that your Pliotron filter will fit in your system.  Pliotron makes filters in a variety of sizes to accommodate your air handling unit.
  3. Check the arrows on the thin side of your new filter, when the filter is in place and operational these arrows should point in the direction air flows towards your unit.
  4. Turn the unit off, remove the old filter, and replace it with your new Pliotron one, making sure that the arrows on your new filter are pointing towards your air conditioning or heating unit.

One of the main advantages of Pliotron filters for your home or business is that they do not require a replacement filter every month. Both the Pliotron CR and the Pliotron HD allow you to follow a simple cleaning process to ensure that your air is clean and that your air handling unit is running at its best.


Filters should be inspected regularly to maintain the filter’s performance and ensure that your air system is operating efficiently and economically.  When the filter becomes visibly dirty, users should:

  1. Turn off the air system.
  2. Remove the filter from its housing.
  3. Vacuum each side of the media beginning with the side that faces the return duct followed by the side that faces the furnace.

Periodically (every 2-4 months) the filter should be washed with clean water to ensure that the media is fully cleaned.  Simply remove and rinse the filter under a hose or faucet to clean it.  If there are substantial visible grease stains you should use a detergent or soap solution to wash out the stain; make sure to thoroughly rinse out the detergent before placing the filter back in its housing.